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Suzanne’s Sweater

Suzanne really liked the ipod cozy I made for Lexi’s birthday, and I thought she’d like one for Mother’s day.  I wish I would have found out what phone/ipod she has, I don’t know if this will fit, and I don’t know that she’ll tell me if it doesn’t, so I can fix it.

Oh well, it was a fun knit, and it was fun to think of her while I knit it.  She asked for pink, and I have this light blush in a cashmere/silk yarn, and I chose luxury over a true pink :) .  She’s a classy lady.  I thought a white ‘fur’ border would bring out the pink – the border is 2 strands of a cotton chenille type yarn with a third strand of mohair silk for halo.

It has a kangaroo pocket, easy to knit in, but makes it look crazy with all of the needles:


(Wish it had been in focus!)

Barbara’s Cards

Hi Barb!  Since you’re the only one that knows about the blog so far, it seems silly to write like there’s an audience.

I finally framed the cards!  It only took a few months to buy the frame, then another few to put it all together.  I’m so happy with it, I wish I would have done it sooner.

I bought a shadow box frame so the cards would have depth.  I didn’t tape them closed, and they open up a little.

I love love love them.  Thank you for making them for me.

The second picture just gives you an idea of where it is and how it fits in.  It’s so much cuter in person!

I’m a work in progress

WIP means ‘work in progress’ in knittereese.  It really translates to much of my life, hence the blog name.  Sounds a little zen, or way deeper than I wanted…really, I was looking for a blogname that was somewhat knitting related but translates to other aspects.  I think “Heather Joins the Round” got the best.  Ahem.

Currently, my wips are:

1. Four boys, and my goal is to neither under bake nor over bake them.

2. About eight knitting projects.  Maybe more.

3. Another shot at a garden!  Mostly Nathan’s doing, and I hope it goes well this year.

4. Weeding and planting flowers in our yard.

5. Spinning, recycling sweaters, fiberly projects