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Suzanne’s Sweater

Suzanne really liked the ipod cozy I made for Lexi’s birthday, and I thought she’d like one for Mother’s day.  I wish I would have found out what phone/ipod she has, I don’t know if this will fit, and I don’t know that she’ll tell me if it doesn’t, so I can fix it.

Oh well, it was a fun knit, and it was fun to think of her while I knit it.  She asked for pink, and I have this light blush in a cashmere/silk yarn, and I chose luxury over a true pink :) .  She’s a classy lady.  I thought a white ‘fur’ border would bring out the pink – the border is 2 strands of a cotton chenille type yarn with a third strand of mohair silk for halo.

It has a kangaroo pocket, easy to knit in, but makes it look crazy with all of the needles:


(Wish it had been in focus!)

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